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“Everyone tells me I look at least 10 years younger than my chronological age!”

How often have you heard that before?!

Is that license to lie about your age when Internet dating? Since most people, after a certain

age, lie about their age in person anyway I guess it’s not terrible as long as your pictures are

current. Unfortunately, cyber-dating has gotten a bad rap, rightfully so, since most people put

very inaccurate pictures….like who is going to notice I’m 10 years older, 40 pounds heavier

and going bald. According to Huffington Post recently, approximately half the people online do lie,

both men and women.


Here’s the good news. For every 5 bad matches you meet there will be a good one. So don’t

give up, I haven’t and have some great stories both good and bad. Rather, have fun meeting

and learning about new people. I know lots of success stories. Just be wary and smart about

your expectations until someone pleasantly surprises you. Don’t spend too much time emailing,

texting or talking on the phone before you actually meet. You could end up exaggerating in your

mind how great this person is leading to further disappointment.


As texting has it’s own language so does Internet dating. I polled several friends dating online

and came up with the following list of hidden meanings that are sure to make you take things a

little more lightly online which may could be just what you need to meet the ONE!

Have fun reading this and please respond when done with any lingo you have experienced

and/or use online. We’ll create our own Merriam Webster.


Loves to cuddle - chubby

I’ve been told I have a great personality and am great looking - by someone’s mother

He is Executive V.P. of some big company - self-employed in his basement

Active - promiscuous

Fun - promiscuous

Stocky build - a lot of blubber

Generous - looking for a rich partner

Average build - fat but not ridiculously obese

Looking for honesty - my ex cheated on me

Is a snuggler - doesn’t like sex

Artsy - not too clean or neat

Laid back - no ambition and maybe no employment

Open to new experiences - multiple dating or swinging

New to online dating - been doing it for years and embarrassed

My friend put me online - too proud to admit the truth

Entrepreneur - doesn’t communicate well with others

Send me your personal email before meeting - stalker

States high income - on average knock off 40%

Socializes with celebrities - is a wannabe

Looking for petite femaile -guy needs lifts in his shoes

Uses own first name in username - no creativity

Uses full name in username - show off and wants to be googled

name like Bob1234 or Susan5678- no thought put in

full name used - showoff expecting to be googled

Looking for a petite woman -guy is miniature

Must love dogs - cannot think for himself

Is all about romance - looking for casual sex

Wants to meet someone interesting - doesn’t want a partner

Loves high heels - masochist

Wants someone who shares emotions - needy

Going offline soon - serial dater

Lives with parent - stupid for admitting

Completely happy just need someone to complete me - miserable


It’s all a game and if you can take that perspective and just have fun with it, you might be only a

quick click away from your next love…….regardless of what the profile says!


The acronyms used in Internet dating are so massive that I’m referring current and potential

online daters to this list taken from:

2NITE – Tonight

Online Dating 420 Friendly420 – Marijuana friendly

A – Asian

ADDY – Address

AFK – Away From Keyboard

AKA – Also Known As

AML – All My Love

ASAP – As Soon As Possible

B – Black

B4 – Before

BBL – Be Back Later

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman’

BDSM – Bondage/Discipline/Domination/Submission/Sadism/Masochism

BHM – Big Handsome Man

Online Dating BIFBIF – Bi-Sexual Female

BIM – Bi-Sexual Male

BIMF – Bi-Sexual Married Female

BIMM – Bi-Sexual Married Male

C – Christian

CD – Cross Dresser

CP – Sleepy

CU – See You

CUL8R – See You Later

CPL – Couple

CWYL – Chat with You Later

D – Drinker

D&S – Dominance and Submission

Online Dating DBFDBF – Divorced Black Female

DBM – Divorced Black Male

DDF – Drug and Disease Free

Dom – Dominant Male

Domme – Dominant Female

DWF – Divorced White Female

DWM – Divorced White Male

Ebony – Black Female

F – Female

F2F – Face to Face

F4F – Female for Female

F4M – Female for Male

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Online Dating FWBFWB – Friends with Benefits (No-string sex)

FYI – For Your Information

G – Gay

GBF – Gay Black Female

GBM – Gay Black Male

GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike

GRRR – Growling

GSOH – Good Sense of Humor

GTG – Got to Go

GTSY – Good to See You

GWF – Gay White Female

GWM – Gay White Male

Online Dating H for HispanicH – Hispanic

HAGN – Have a Good Night

HD – Heavy Drinker

HS – Heavy Smoker

HWP – Height/Weight Proportional

ICQ – I Seek You (Chat Software)

ILU – I Love You

ILY – I Love You

IM – Instant Message

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion

IMO – In My Opinion

IRL – In Real Life

ISO – In Search Of

Online Dating IWSNIWSN – I Want Sex Now

J – Jewish

K – Kiss

KOTC – Kiss on the Cheek

KOTL – Kiss on the Lips

L – Lesbian

LD – Light Drinker

LDR – Long Distance Relationship

LDS – Latter Day Saints

LFG – Looking for a Group

LMIRL – Let’s Meet in Real Life

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

LS – Light Smoker (or Legally Separated)

Online Dating LTRLTR – Long Term Relationship

M – Male

M4F – Male for Female

M4M – Male for Male

M8 – Mate

MBA – Married But Available

MAF – Married Asian Female

MAM – Married Asian Male

MBF – Married Black Female

MBM – Married Black Male

MCF – Married Christian Female

MCM – Married Christian Male

MHF – Married Hispanic Female

Online Dating MHMMHM – Married Hispanic Male

MJF – Married Jewish Female

MJM – Married Jewish Male

MM – Marriage Minded

MWC – Married With Children

MWF – Married White Female

MWM – Married White Male

NA – Not Applicable

NB – No Baggage (children, ex-spouses)

NBM – Never Been Married

ND – Non Drinker

NIFOC – Nude in Front of Computer

NS – Non Smoker

Online Dating NSANSA – No Strings Attached

OLL – Online Love

OTP – On the Phone

PC – Personal Computer

P – Professional

PM – Private Message

PO – Pissed Off

POV – Point of View

PT – Part Time

QT – Cutie

RP – Role Playing

RL – Real Life

RLF – Real Life Friend

Online Dating S for SingleS – Single

SAF – Single Asian Female

SAM – Single Asian Male

SBF – Single Black Female

SBM – Single Black Male

SCF – Single Christian Female

SCM – Single Christian Male

SD – Social Drinker

SI – Similar Interests

SHF – Single Hispanic Female

SHM – Single Hispanic Male

SJF – Single Jewish Female

SJM – Single Jewish Male

Online Dating SINKSINK – Single Income No Kids

S&M – Sadism/Masochism

SMIM – Send Me an Instant Message

SMEM – Send Me an E-Mail

SO – Significant Other

SOH – Sense of Humor

SOG – Single or Gay

Sub – Submissive

SWAK – Sealed with a Kiss

SWF – Single White Female

SWM – Single White Male

SYS – See You Soon

TDH – Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Online Dating TD2MTD2M – Talk Dirty To Me

TG – Transgender

THNX – Thanks

THX – Thanks

TIAIL – Think I Am In Love

TIC – Tongue in Cheek

TS – Transsexual

TV – Transvestite

WE – Well Endowed

WLTM – Would Like To Meet

W/O – Without

WTR – Willing To Relocate

WUF – Where are You From?

Online Dating WYCMWYCM – Will You Call Me?

WYRN – What’s Your Real Name?

XOXO – Hugs & Kisses

YO – Years Old

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