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“Travel brings power and love back into your life…”—Rumi

Anyone who’s read Eat Pray Love knows about the restorative power of getting away from it all after a relationship ends. When everybody you see gives you the sympathetic head tilt and asks, “so, how are yoouuu?” it’s time to pack your bags and GTFO of Dodge. You’re trying to redefine yourself and discover the New You, you just need a clean slate, to breathe different air in a place where nobody knows you or the details of your split. Or, sometimes it’s comforting to revisit a place where you once found peace.


Breathe different air in a place where nobody knows you or revisit a place where you once found peace.


But it’s not always so easy, is it? If you have kids, you have to find someone to watch them, and now is the time to call in those favors if you don’t have doting parents anxious to lavish their grandchildren with TLC and chocolate chip cookies while you’re gone. And how will you pay for it, when you just shelled out $15K for a retainer and/or now you’re paying spousal support and furnishing new digs?


One thing that has always worked for me is having rich friends who live in nice places, and not alienating them by staying too long when they invite you to Palm Beach or Palm Springs or wherever. But not everyone is so lucky, and if you aren’t, you should seriously consider listing your crib on one of those sites that allow you to swap houses with people in faraway or otherwise desirable destinations, or build up credits to use later. So, if you and the kids are off to Baltimore to visit the family for a week during Winter Break, you can bank enough credit from listing your tiny New York apartment to go spend a week in Montmartre eating croissants aux amandes, totally free except plane tickets. Or, because it’s so cheap, you can pay like 70 Euro a night if you can’t get it together to clean up your house enough to swap it. It’s all totally safe, because you have to leave your firstborn with them as a guarantee.

You’ll come back a new person, trust me. And you won’t have to mortgage your house! Here’s a list of where to start your journey… For the well heeled traveler with highbrow tastes and a pocketbook to match, Indagare is a “high-end travel company with robust online editorial content, featuring staff-scouted travel destinations around the world, and a boutique, in-house travel agency. We travel , we write, and we plan memorable journeys for our members.” Note to self: apply for a job at Indagare!! With over “one million live vacation rental listings in 190 countries, we're committed to helping families and friends find the perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together.” Homeaway is your go-to spot for finding a place for your growing, shrinking, or blended family to bond. VRBO (acronym for Vacation Rentals By Owner) is a service offered by parent company Homeaway for both renters and owners, with 24 hour service and

no booking fees for the guest. They offer guarantees and insurance and offer way more listings than, say, Airbnb. This is a great concept for those of you have vacation properties and are looking to change things 

up a bit and broaden your horizons.  “3RD HOME enables second homeowners to exchange time in their homes for stays at premier luxury destinations worldwide…By depositing weeks in their second homes into the club, members can reserve another great home any time – in advance or the last minute.” But take note: “To be accepted into our club, members' properties must be located in a desirable location with quality furnishings, appointments and amenities”, doncha know. 


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