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MOVE Fitness

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Amy Walker - Owner and Instructor


Think of move as an adult playground with all types of fitness toys to help you meet your fitness goals while keeping it interesting and fun. We use BOSUS, STEPS, Indoor Cycles with performance meters, Medicine Balls, Body Bars, Free Weights, TRX, and kettle-bells. Oh yeah, don't let us forget about the most important piece of equipment we use, YOUR BODY. Come prepared to plank, push, twist, resist, jump, and move with your own body weight. Depending on the fitness goals of the session, the formats and equipment change constantly. It is most common for sessions to include all components of fitness including, strength, balance, agility, coordination, stability, and cardio. Did we mention CARDIO? Our training is known for producing huge numbers on clients' HR monitors. Most clients report burning between 500-800 calories per 55 minute session.


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At move, our fitness instructors focus on balancing work with fun, expectations with limits, and goals with realism. This described balance is the hallmark of move’s approach. We know that extremes are not only unhealthy, but are also ineffective over the long haul. I often say to my clients, "Sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up." This should not be mistaken for an "easy" approach. Our training has often been described as a "really hard boot camp but with attention to detail and technique." Because our studio is intimate, you will get individual attention in all of our programs. If you have a foot in the wrong place or a knee misaligned, It will not go unnoticed by our astute Instructors. It's this attention to detail that drives our method.

Training at move not only provides fantastic physical training for you, but it also serves as an educational and resource venue. As your instructors, we srongly believe in an emphasis on teaching you, not performing for you. We are very proud of this distinction in our approach! We also use a very critical lens while investigating all fitness formats prior to introducing them to you. This means that you will not be burdened with the task of sifting through the endless amounts of fitness information, misinformation, and most importantly, disinformation that inundates our popular literature and media. Yes, we realize that handing this responsibility over to us takes a great amount of trust on your part, but we are patient and encourage you to come train with us to see for yourself.

Amy Walker


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