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Manage, Track, And Pay Child Support For Free


Save Time
SupportPay calculates each parent’s expenses based on your support orders and agreements and automates the payment process for you. You can also schedule automatic payments.
Stay Organized

Reduce Conflict
By providing a safe place to document and submit payments, SupportPay eliminates the need for complex back-and-forth between parents. We also provide a way to keep certain expenses private, and a straightforward dispute process to help resolve cases where an expense is questioned.
Communicate Easily

Stay Organized
Trying to keep records of your entire financial life isn’t easy. We let you store all your relevant information and documents in one secure central location, making book-keeping and paperwork a breeze.

Communicate Easily
SupportPay brings transparency and clarity to the emotionally charged world of payments. You get a better understanding of where money is being spent and can focus solely on your child instead of tracking down receipts.

Business Bio

Turning an idea into a reality
Eight years ago I was married with a successful marketing career in the Silicon Valley. I was also pursuing my MBA in the evenings. Ten days after finishing my final class, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

A child of divorce to a divorcee
A few months after my daughter’s birth her father and I separated and subsequently divorced. Raising my daughter on my own wasn’t the scary part, though it wasn’t something I had dreamed of either, having been raised by a single mother. I am a child of divorce and one that was definitely full of conflict and disagreements. So, I decided my divorce would be different, for my sake but more importantly for the emotional sake of my daughter. My divorce was so amicable I did it myself (the paperwork, financial agreements, settlements, division of property, etc). We had been married for 6 years, and always agreed if we didn’t stay together, we would do our best to ensure our daughter was put before our own needs, wants and emotions.

The Agreement
We agreed on custody and visitation and used the standard calculator to determine the amount of child support that would be paid. Other than a few hundred dollars in filing fees, a ton of paperwork and having to wait 6 months for the final judgement (a requirement in the State of California) I can say our divorce went very smoothly. I learned a long time ago that nothing good comes of remaining angry and the best thing I could do for myself and my daughter was to look forward, not backward, and to focus my energy on her and building a better life for us.

Divorce isn’t the end, it’s the beginning!
What I didn’t realize at the time was the easiest part of this entire process was the divorce. Everyone thinks it’s the divorce that is the issue but honestly a divorce is one and done, children are forever! Not to mention the issues that lead to divorce- communication and money- do not get easier with your former partner. They get hard. Much harder!

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San Francisco, CA, United States

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